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FiveForces  v.

This is Porter's famous Five Forces

MB Feng Shui Suite

MB Free Feng Shui Suite is a comprehensive and an advanced feng shui software which includes five different Feng Shui based programs. These include Kua Number, Lo Shu grid, Flying Star Chart, Ba Zi, and Bagua Chart softwares. It is an interactive and


Safety Peak Anti-Malware  v.

Nowadays creation of malicious software has become an extensive and profitable business. Developers of malicious software direct all their forces trying to infect as many computers as they can and use them for their purposes.

GimmeFreeData  v.2.5

This software retrieves from five days to 10 years of recent end-of-day security price data from Data for each symbol is saved as an ASCII CSV text file formatted as date, open, high, low, close and volume.

Warefeed  v.0.1

Warefeed is a software business and usage analytics tool built to answer important questions vital to software business strategy.

Five Cellular Automata  v.7 70

A cellular automaton consists of: (a) A structure of cells, such as the squares on a chess board. (b) A set of values or 'states' such that each cell is associated with a particular state.

Bluevizia Marketing Manager

bluevizia Marketing Manager is effective marketing software, made by experts for developing situation analyses, what-if scenarios and solution strategies. Even if you are not a guru, it will guide you step-by-step through the whole process of business

Forex Tester  v.

Forex Tester 3 - backtesting software that allows to speed up your learning on Forex by 2000 times. Test trading strategies on 15 years of free historical data, dismiss losing methods, discover the systems that can provide you with profits in future.

Metal Brigade Tactics  v.1. 2. 2014

Metal Brigade Tactics is a turn-based tactical strategy game with deep RPG elements. Control your squad of Vertical Armor giant robots on a mission to stop a small country from embroiling the world in a devastating war.

Prism Deploy Client  v.5 1

Prism Deploy is a simple, granular software deployment platform that gives you complete control over computing infrastructures by automating software deployments, updates, repairs, and removals to any and every Windows computer across a network.

Deleted Emails Recovery Utility  v.5.0.1

Email Recovery software recovers and restore accidentally deleted messages that have been emptied from the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook Express. Outlook Express email recovery software supports Microsoft Outlook Express 4.0, 5.0 and 6.

Ip2c  v.1.0.25

Determine the country associated to a specific IP address. ip2c (ip to country) is a software to determine the country associated to a specific IP address.

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